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AACR2024: A novel humanized CD16A model to evaluate efficacy of human antibody therapeutics in triggering ADCC
AACR2024: Development and validation of humanized HLA mouse model platforms for preclinical evaluation of novel peptide vaccines
AACR2024:Generation of a novel severely immunodeficient Sprague Dawley rat model for xenograft studies
AACR2024: A novel humanized NKP46 mouse model to support xenograft studies evaluating NK cell-based cancer immunotherapies
AACR2024: Establishment of a humanized IL5/IL5RA mouse model to evaluate modulators of eosinophilic inflammation in vivo
AACR2024: TIL analysis demonstrates different mechanisms underlying PD-1 resistance in animal models
AACR2024: Generation and validation of a novel humanized IL-31/IL-31RA/OSM/OSMR mouse model
AACR2024: Validation of humanized TL1A mice for advancing preclinical research
AACR2024:Development of humanized VEGFA models to assess preclinical efficacy of novel therapeutics in vivo
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