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AACR 2023: Generation of Humanized TREM2 Mice for Preclinical Evaluation of Therapeutics Targeting Tumor-Associated Macrophages
AACR 2023: In vivo Efficacy Evaluation of Anti-Human VEGFR2 Antibodies in Humanized B-hVEGFR2 Mice
IWHM6-Evaluating anti-RANKL antibodies in vivo efficacy on humanized B-hRANKL mice
IWHM6-RenMice platforms Powerful solutions for fully human monoclonalbispecificTCR-mimic antibodies discovery
IWHM6-Development of Immunodeficient Rat Models for Simultaneous evaluating Drug Efficacy and Toxicity by B-Rag2 KO rats and B-Rag2/IL2rg KO rats
IWHM6-Development of Two Novel Engineered MHC I and MHC III Knock-out Mouse Strains with Normal FcRn-mediated Antibody Retention
IWHM6-An In Vivo Model for human mature NK cells reconstitution to evaluate Efficacy of anti-human antibodies by B-NDG hIL15 Mice
IWHM6-Evaluating anti-TSLP antibodies in vivo efficacy on humanized B-hTSLPhTSLPR mice
IWHM6-Evaluating Delivery of TFR1-targeting Therapies to the CNS in a Novel Humanized TFR1 Mouse Model
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