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AACR 2022: Generation of a Novel Humanized TLR8 Mouse Model for the Evaluation of Human TLR8 Agonists and Antibody-Conjugated TLR8 Agonists
AACR 2022: Evaluating In Vivo Efficacy of Peptide Vaccines in Humanized B-HLA-A2.1 Mice
AACR 2022: Humanized TROP2 Mice Provide a Preclinical Tool for the Evaluation of Therapeutic Drugs Targeting TROP2
AACR 2022: A Humanized Mouse Model of the Promising Immune Checkpoint Molecule B7-H4
AACR 2022: Generation and Validation of Humanized GARP Mice for Testing Novel Anti-Human GARP Antibodies
AACR 2022: B-hIL12A/hIL12B/hIL12RB1/hIL12RB2: A Novel Animal Model for Generation of IL12 Therapies
AACR 2022: Evaluation of Therapeutic Drug Candidates Using a Novel Humanized B-hCSF1/hCSF1R Mouse Model
AACR 2022: Humanized PVRIG Mice: A Novel Tool for Evaluating Anti-PVRIG Immunotherapies
AACR 2022: Evaluating In Vivo Efficacy of Anti-VSIG4 Antibodies in Humanized B-hVSIG4 Mice
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