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AACR2024:Establishment of humanized CD3EDG/4-1BB micefor testing novelT cell engagers
AACR2024:Generation of humanized PD-1/PD-L1/CD94/NKG2Amice for evaluating novel combination therapies
AACR 2023: Humanized OX40/OX40L Mice as a Tool for Evaluating Novel Therapeutics
AACR 2023: B-hCD94/hNKG2A Mice Provide a Preclinical Tool for Evaluating Therapeutic Antibodies Targeting Human NKG2A
AACR 2023: In vivo Efficacy of an Anti-Human IL11RA Antibody in B-hIL11RA Mice With APAP-Induced Liver Damage
AACR 2023: Novel Humanized CD36 Mouse Model for Therapeutic Studies
AACR 2023: A Novel Triple Humanized B-hPD-1/hPD-L1/hCCR8 Mouse Model to Evaluate In vivo Efficacy of Combination Therapies
AACR 2023: Development of MHC I/II Knock-Out Immunodeficient Mouse Strains for Alleviating GvHD Induced by Human PBMC Reconstitution
AACR 2023: Development of Immunodeficient Mice Expressing Human IL3, GM-CSF, CSF1 and THPO for Improved Human Myeloid and Lymphoid Cell Reconstitution
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