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Radiotherapy is a common treatment for malignant tumors and is continuously evolving with the progress of medical imaging and computer image processing technologies. The small animal precision radiotherapy system is primarily used for animal-level experiments in radiation biology, radiation protection drugs, multimodal therapy, and other research fields. Its accuracy have made it an effective tool for investigating the biological effects of radiation and evaluating the efficacy of different therapies. 

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  • High efficiency: X-rays with the most suitable energy and penetration.
  • Uniformity: Achieve uniformity of dose distribution of 95% or more in the sample.
  • Safety: The environmental dose is close to the background level (approximately 0.5 uSv/h), which is far better than similar products and meets the requirements of international standard (5 uSv/h).
  • Convenience, stability and reliability.

This irradiator can be used in various research fields, including cancer research, mouse bone marrow transplantation, DNA/stem cell damage research, and immune and blood disease research.